News | Dallat: Assembly must have a policy on international development

Dallat: Assembly must have a policy on international development

SDLP MLA John Dallat has highlighted the lack of International Development policy coming from the Assembly. Following his question to the First Minister in the Assembly Chamber, Mr Dallat expressed his hope that after many years the Assembly will fulfil its responsibility to help developing countries affected by extreme poverty.

He said: “I am very frustrated that after the strenuous efforts of my former colleague Carmel Hanna we will don’t have a formal policy on how the Assembly can take a lead in international development.

“With the introduction of the new super councils it is vital that the Assembly makes a contribution in this important work.  There is no point in talking about international relations if we ignore those in the Majority World that are struggling for survival.

“In Malawi, for example, people have been affected by terrible floods losing their lives and homes.  We can’t sit on our hands and do nothing. We must follow the example of many individuals and organisations throughout the North who have fulfilled this social responsibility.

“Following Mr Robinson’s promise to bring forward a paper on International Development I sincerely hope that that the process towards a formal policy gathers momentum and that in the future this Assembly can confidently say that it has worked to deliver justice to those living beyond our borders.”

John Dallat MLA

028 29541880

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