News | Hanna: NCA update must follow NAMA report

Hanna: NCA update must follow NAMA report

SDLP Finance Spokesperson Claire Hanna MLA has responded to the publication of a report by the Dáil Public Accounts Committee on Project Eagle (the sale of NAMA’s northern property portfolio).

Claire Hanna said, “The publication of this report corroborates the findings of the Irish Comptroller and Auditor General that NAMA’s northern portfolio was undersold to the extent of €220million, representing a substantial loss to the Irish taxpayer.

“Procedurally, the sale had significant flaws and there seems to have been a somewhat partitionist attitude in that the motivating factor for NAMA seemed to be getting rid of the northern portfolio as it was seen to be a nuisance.

“Concerns within Northern Ireland over Project Eagle are in no way allayed by the publication of this report. Questions now extend over three jurisdictions, five possibly criminal investigations and two parliamentary inquiries.

"The criminal investigations in particular seem to be proceeding at a funeral pace and it's time for the UK National Crime Agency to make clear the current state of their investigations. They have had ample time to make progress and it is time they treated the public with respect.

“For our part, the SDLP continue to make every effort to get Assembly up running again and we will continue to ask questions in the public interest and push for full transparency on this issue."

Claire Hanna MLA

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