News | Hanna: Tells Nigel Farage - Brexit isn’t just for Christmas

Hanna: Tells Nigel Farage - Brexit isn’t just for Christmas

Following the announcement that British Passport's would be returned to the blue and gold design, Brexit advocate Nigel Farage tweeted “Merry Brexmas”. SDLP Brexit Spokesperson Claire Hanna MLA said it was "ridiculous"

She said:


“It is ridiculous that the Brexiteers are giving themselves a pat on the back following the announcement from the Immigration Minister that the British passport will return to the blue design. All the while we are left in limbo pondering the fate over the future of our economy and our way of life here on this island.


“If all the Brexiteers wanted was a passport change they just should have said. For us our wish list this Christmas is much longer, we want to protect the rights and freedoms of our people. We want to ensure access to the single market and the customs union. We want no border in the island of Ireland and we want to protect the socio-economic future for all citizens across these islands.


“Brexit is much bigger and much more serious that Nigel Farage’s “Brexmas”, he, the British Government and the DUP should be minded to remember, Brexit isn’t just for Christmas, it’s for life.


"Those who profess to now wanting to protect the Good Friday Agreement, should pause and really embrace it's spirit this Christmas. The people of this island voted to protect and accommodate both communities, that is our will. No one should now seek to undermine or narrow the progress that has been made, instead we should seek to build on it."


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