News | SDLP MPs vote to defend rights of EU residents

SDLP MPs vote to defend rights of EU residents

SDLP MPs will today vote to defend the rights of EU nationals resident here as amendments are proposed to the British Government’s Brexit Bill.

Two amendments have been proposed which would guarantee rights of residence for EU citizens and ensure that MPs have a vote on any final deal. The SDLP continues to oppose moves to trigger Article 50 against the will of people in Northern Ireland.

SDLP Leader Colum Eastwood said:

“The depths that this British government will plumb in an insidious effort to dehumanise European citizens living here never ceases to surprise.

“First there was the ban on European academics advising on Brexit, shamefully cultivating the sentiment that EU nationals cannot be trusted. Now the British government is preparing to vote down proposals which would guarantee the right of our European friends, family, neighbours and co-workers to stay here.

“No person living on these islands should be reduced to a bargaining chip in the hands of Theresa May and Boris Johnson. The people of Ireland, who have integrated and influenced communities across the world, know all too well the burden of discrimination based on identity. We will not stand by as that burden is forced on the shoulders of our brothers and sisters from Europe.”

Colum Eastwood MLA

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