News | Durkan welcomes announcement of day case surgery hubs

Durkan welcomes announcement of day case surgery hubs

SDLP Health spokesperson Mark H Durkan has welcomed the announcement by the Department of Health to adopt day case surgery hubs for specific treatments in line with the transformations outlined in the Bengoa report.

The MLA for Foyle commented:



“In a time when waiting lists are getting longer and health services are struggling to cope with growing demand, these new centres will increase productivity and reduce waiting times for many patients.



“As these new centres move to specialise in specific areas through an elective care pathway in line with the Bengoa report, other locations will be free to provide the best treatment in other specific areas, should it be orthopaedics or dermatology for example.



“Whilst these new changes mean that patients may have to travel further to receive treatment, it will nonetheless significantly reduce waiting times and allow for specialists to move through waiting lists at a much faster pace.”

Mark H Durkan MLA

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