News | Eastwood: functioning Executive needed to relieve school pressures

Eastwood: functioning Executive needed to relieve school pressures

SDLP Leader, Colum Eastwood MLA has responded to a letter from the Derry Primary Principals’ Group, who have highlighted the impact of austerity on our education system. The Foyle Westminster candidate has said: “The financial pressures faced by schools across the North has been well documented of late. Teachers having to get by on a shoestring budget and having to make drastic cuts to keep schools afloat, all to the detriment of the pupils."

The Foyle Westminster candidate added: “in Derry, teachers are bringing in toilet rolls and other basic resources. It is unacceptable. The Derry Primary Principals’ group have fought hard to highlight the pressure that they are under, but they should not have too. They are crying out for leadership. As political leaders, we must respond urgently.”

The Foyle MLA added: “The SDLP have been engaging with the Head of the Civil Service, David Sterling, who has made it clear that at least ten major pieces of legislation and key policy decisions cannot be made without political leadership and an Education Minister. The impact of the political impasse on our public services is as clear as it is damning. It is about time parties stretched themselves to get back to work and tackle the crisis in our education system.

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