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Peace Vigil

Belfast City Hall
Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Show your support for the innocent people of Gaza, Israel, Syria, Iraq and all those who face violence everyday.

Councillor Mallon said

“Like everyone in Belfast and beyond, I am deeply moved and distressed by the suffering of all victims of the conflict in Gaza and Israel, in Syria, in Iraq and across the Middle East and world. I believe that as a city we cannot stand idly by in the face of such inhumanity”

“This is a multi-denominational vigil offering people the opportunity to show solidarity with all of those suffering and to pray for peace in Gaza, across the Middle East and the wider world. It is open to everyone - those of all faiths and none. 

“There are conflicts all over the world and each is a demonstration of man’s inhumanity to man. Some are captured and brought to the world’s attention. Many others are not, or are captured for only a fleeting moment before they are replaced by another news item.

“This Peace Vigil is about people coming together in an inclusive, compassionate and humanitarian appeal to end this suffering and conflict. I sincerely hope as many people as possible will support this vigil and I would ask everyone to help me spread the word so that collectively we send the strongest possible message for the world to see”, the Lord Mayor added.

The vigil begins at Belfast City Hall at 7pm. 

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