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Gerry Conlon Memorial Lecture

St Mary's University, Belfast
Friday, 23 January 2015

The miscarriage of justice perpetrated against Gerry Conlon, his father and his friends was outrageous and led to a fierce campaign to have innocent men freed. Their campaign concentrated a spotlight on the wrongs of the State like never before. 

Gerry's release was a huge moment for his family and for Human Rights campaigners across Ireland, Britain and the world. It acted as a catalyst for campaigns against other miscarriages of justice perpetrated by a range of states.

Gerry's death last year at 60 was far too early for someone who had suffered so much but had so much more to give.

Noted Human Rights Lawyer Michael Mansfield QC, who was part of the legal team who helped in the campaign for freedom and justice for the Guildford four, will give the first annual Gerry Conlon Memorial Lecture on the theme of 'Democratic Bankruptcy'.

The Lecture will take place on Friday 23rd January 2015 at 7pm in St Mary's University, Belfast.

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