Press Releases | Tierney welcomes funding for Galliagh and Shantallow Community Centres

Tierney welcomes funding for Galliagh and Shantallow Community Centres

SDLP Ballyarnett Councillor Brian Tierney has welcomed news that funding has been granted for the development of the Galliagh and Shantallow Community centres.

Councillor Tierney said

“This is a welcome step in the development of community facilities in the Ballyarnett area and exciting news for residents in both communities.

We have been working with community and statutory partners to ensure these key projects within this area were supported and I am delighted to see that hard work pay off.

I have always believed that both the Galliagh and Shantallow areas would benefit from having a state of the art centre within the areas and I am hopeful work will start in the early Atum

Having worked on the plans for a number of years, alongside the community, it is extremely welcome to see the full funding in place for the Galliagh and Shantallow Community Centre’s.

“I know the Galliagh steering group will see this as a huge relief and the wider community will see this as a statement of intent that we are serious about this project and about developing community facilities within this area. This project has been talked about for some time and I believe that this is another step in the right direction and will show our commitment to the Galliagh area.

“Equally, the people of Shantallow will widely welcome this money as the current centre is extremely busy and a real hub of the community. However, the current centre is working to capacity and the need for a new, modern centre has been recognised by all funders.

“Having worked on both these projects I know the hard work and commitment that was put in by everyone involved, Council, Department for Communities, and the community workers in this area who worked in partnership with the Government departments to see this over the line”

“There are a number of other key projects which we were keen to include and are also keen to help advance. However, the progress and funding commitments that we saw today must be welcomed.


Cllr Brian Tierney

07731 309734

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