Press Releases | Wilson: Modern Slavery Strategy must be future proofed

Wilson: Modern Slavery Strategy must be future proofed

SDLP Representative Heather Wilson has welcomed the publication of the Modern Slavery Strategy by the Department of Justice. Like everything else here in Northern Ireland, the endemic of modern slavery, whether that be domestic servitude, sexual exploitation or forced criminality, it doesn’t stop whilst Stormont isn’t functioning; therefore, the publication of this document is most welcome and much needed.

The SDLP Candidate for the Castle DEA commented:


“There are currently more slaves in the world now than in any time in history. It is the most abhorrent of crime to strip someone of the most fundamental human right, the right to freedom, and we all have a duty to tackle modern slavery where and when we see it.


“Though this strategy is welcome, it is vital we see a much more robust longer term plan to overcome this issue.


“The recognised need for partnership and collaboration in the strategy is crucial in turning the curve on this issue; albeit fundamentally a justice issue, it is also an education and health issue. 


“Every day across these islands, people are beaten, raped, exploited and abused. We must all do what we can, at both a statutory and community level to help protect victims and prevent further trafficking.”

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