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Dobbins welcomes progress on sea wall maintenance

SDLP Councillor Angela Dobbins has welcomed news that Transport NI, DRD Roads Service, has accepted responsibility for the maintenance of the wall in Culmore.
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Heading: Roads Service has not learned the lessons of the past

SDLP Councillor Brian Heading has said that the Roads Service has not learned the lessons from previous spells of bad weather and has again left housing estates such as Lagmore Mount Eagles area at the risk of being cut off due to ice. Councillor Heading asked if the Department of Regional Development had mutual agreement for sharing of resources for periods of severe weather.
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Tierney: Parents must ensure the safety of their children and others when using scramblers and quads.

SDLP Councillor Brian Tierney has urged parents to ensure that their children are fully trained and aware of the risks of using Scramblers and Quads this winter. The safety of their children and others are at risk if they fail to take the correct safety precautions.
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McGlone: Executive must show leadership on construction

SDLP spokesperson for Trade & Enterprise and chairperson of the all-party working group on construction, Patsy McGlone MLA, has called on the Executive to show leadership following the Stormont House Agreement. Mr McGlone has urged the Executive to use a portion of the funds secured by the agreement to address the lagging construction industry in the North.
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Ramsey: Any revised budget must focus on the West

SDLP MLA Pat Ramsey has said that any revised budget that is drawn up as a result of the Talks process that concluded on Tuesday must focus positively on the West.
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