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Dallat: Put your money where your mouth is

The Parliamentary Under Secretary of State Stephen Hammond, who ultimately took the decision to centralise motor taxation in Swansea, has told the SDLP his department will work with the Department of the Environment for Northern Ireland in a bid to avoid compulsory redundancies, and will also support any staff who need to learn new skills to secure alternative employment.

According to Mr Hammond this will include both practical and financial support, and he goes on to claim that he has a detailed proposition ready to discuss.

In response local Assembly Member John Dallat said: “I have no faith in anything Mr Hammond promises given the underhand way in which he announced the redundancies. Nevertheless, I challenge him to state how many civil service jobs has he succeeded in transferring from Britain to Coleraine to replace the ones which have now been robbed to Swansea?

“Obviously, Mark H Durkan is involved with our Minister for Finance and Personnel Simon Hamilton and the various government departments to maximise any job opportunities that exist within the Northern Ireland Civil service.  However, Mr Hammond needs to know there are also civil service jobs in Britain that could easily transfer to Coleraine in the same way that he moved our jobs to Wales.

“We will be challenging Mr Hammond to take direct responsibility for the dreadful decision he took when he decided to ignore the consultation process and begin playing an active part in bringing jobs to Coleraine to replace the ones we were robbed of.’

“This campaign is by no means over, and will continue until every job lost is secured within a reasonable travel to work distance.”

John Dallat MLA

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