News | Durkan backs call for 20mph urban speed limit

Durkan backs call for 20mph urban speed limit

SDLP Foyle MP Mark Durkan has supported the Go 20 campaign by the road safety charity Brake and Allianz Insurance to make 20mph the default urban speed limit – and joins eight in 10 people (78%) across the UK who believe 20mph should be the norm around schools, on residential streets, and in village, town and city centres.

Mr Durkan said: “I am delighted to support this important campaign – and would urge drivers in Derry and throughout the North to protect people right away, by slowing down to 20mph around homes, schools and shops, even where the limit is still 30mph.

“20mph limits not only help make streets safer and more pleasant for walking and cycling, but also promise to deliver improvements in public health via reductions in congestion, pollution and noise.”

Julie Townsend, deputy chief executive, Brake, said: “The GO 20 campaign is about defending everyone’s right to walk and cycle freely without being endangered, whether it’s to get to work, school, the shops, or just getting out and being active.

“We need to tackle the senseless and violent casualties that continue to happen daily on our roads, and we need to enable people to live healthy, active, social lives. It’s clear that 20mph limits in communities can help bring this about and it’s clear this is what people want. That’s why so many local authorities are making the switch from 30mph to 20mph. With many people already reaping the benefits of living in 20mph areas, we’re reaching a point where it makes no sense to retain 30mph as the default limit in built-up areas. It’s time for the government to GO 20 nationally, to save councils money and help create safe, active, happy communities throughout the UK.”

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