News | Maginness: Bombers cannot drag us back

Maginness: Bombers cannot drag us back

SDLP North Belfast MLA Alban Maginness has condemned those responsible for an attack on police on the Crumlin Road last night.

Mr Maginness said:
“Barely a week or a month goes by when the good, ordinary people of North Belfast, and across the city more generally, aren’t subjected to the disruption, chaos and danger following an attempt to blow up police officers. This kind of reckless, careless attack was wrong during the darkest days of conflict and it’s wrong now.
“Our people have rejected violence; they have rejected those who seek to bring death and misery to our doorsteps and to our communities. Those behind these attacks need to recognise that and end their campaign of destruction and intimidation. They will not drag this community back into a spiral of violence.
“Tensions surrounding the Twaddell area have been extremely heightened for a long time now. The last thing we need is an escalation of this type which could set light to the powder keg.
“This morning we have children late for school, parents unable to make it to work and a community deeply frustrated. Parishioners were unable to attend Mass and work was delayed on a new community project at Ardoyne Hall. Peace should have meant an end to these shameful scenes.
“It is important that the PSNI now carry out their follow up operation thoroughly and quickly. Long periods of disruption will feed negative attitudes toward the police and must be avoided, where possible.
“I would appeal to anyone who may have any information about this attack to bring it to the PSNI as soon as possible.”

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