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SDLP 45 - Peace

On the 45th Anniversary of the SDLP, we remember a defining moment in the history of the party and of Northern Ireland, The Good Friday Agreement.
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SDLP 45 - Progress

By 1990 there was still no resolution to the conflict. With one day to go before the SDLP's 45th Anniversary, we examine how the SDLP forged peace.
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SDLP 45 - Adversity

In the run up to the 45th Anniversary of the SDLP, we reflect on the adversity faced by party members and the public during the darkest days of the Troubles
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SDLP 45 - Origins

As we celebrate our 45th anniversary on 20th August 2015 we trace the origins of the SDLP
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Attwood: Priority must be making a better society for our children

SDLP West Belfast MLA Alex Attwood describes his motivations to build a fairer society with a fair budget.
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