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Dallat: Minister must review parking penalties

SDLP East Derry MLA John Dallat has asserted that the current penalty system for illegal and unpaid parking is grossly unfair and failing to yield positive results. In response to a written question from Mr Dallat to the Minister Danny Kennedy, figure detail that in the last three years the Department of Regional Development has failed to collect almost £3 million pounds in unpaid parking fines.

He said: “In the Minister’s response I have learned that 23,879 motorists did not pay their parking fines amounting to £2,813,449 while those that did contributed £12,739,496 which goes some way toward paying the officers who implement the scheme.

“In many cases these so-called Fixed Penalty Notices impose financial hardship as well as serious credit rating problems if they become bad debt.

“When the penalties were doubled some time ago, I warned the minister Danny Kennedy that imposing a fine of £90 on a motorist who has overstayed his time in a car park is grossly unfair.

“At the same time it is also unfair that some motorists pay their penalties while others go free, making a mockery of the system. We need to know why the number of unpaid penalties is rising and what should be done to address the problem.”

John Dallat MLA

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