News | McDonnell: Suspicious device on Lower Ormeau Road

McDonnell: Suspicious device on Lower Ormeau Road

SDLP Leader Dr Alasdair McDonnell MP has condemned those behind the unfolding security alert in South Belfast. Homes have been evacuated and roads closed after a suspicious object was found on the Lower Ormeau Road close to Dr McDonnell’s constituency office.

Dr McDonnell said: “While we are still receiving details at this time we have been told that a suspicious object has been left in a residential area on the Ormeau Road.

“This attack is a clear attempt to at least cause widespread disruption and at worst endanger life.

“By abandoning a device in a residential area these criminals have shown that they have little regard for the innocents that could be hurt in their misguided campaign. The timing of this attack on a main arterial route out of Belfast will cause mass delays for commuters.

“The people of South Belfast have been unequivocal in opposing violence and will treat this latest incident with the same contempt merited by every effort to reintroduce violence on our streets.”

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