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Mental Health no priority for Sinn Féin

SDLP Health Spokesperson Fearghal McKinney has expressed alarm that Sinn Fein's manifesto contains just one single mention of mental health.

He said:

"Mental health and mental wellbeing are among the most important issues facing people of all ages today in Northern Ireland. Those facing financial pressures, those dealing with the legacy of the troubles and many others face a struggle to access adequate mental health services. 

"I am alarmed and astounded that Sinn Fein's manifesto does not include a single reference to mental health in their list of bullet points related to health. While there is a pledge to support children and young adults with mental health issues, it seems that Sinn Fein have simply forgotten that adults also experience mental health problems. Many mental health groups I have spoken to have expressed similar alarm at this glaring omission.

“Despite the many statements made by former Health Committee Chair Maeve McLaughlin on mental health provision, she has been unable to secure any meaningful commitment in her own party’s manifesto. If they can’t even convince their own party about the importance of mental health services, how can they be any champion for those struggling?

"Sadly Sinn Fein's two and half page manifesto shows us that they are more interested in securing Martin's coronation as deputy First Minister and less interested in focusing on the problems facing our society.”  

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