News | Sinn Féin weak on tackling crime and criminality

Sinn Féin weak on tackling crime and criminality

SDLP Justice spokesperson Alex Atwood has said Sinn Fein’s failure to outline a single idea on how to tackle crime show that the party has no serious plans for law and order.

“Sinn Fein called for the abolition of the Special Criminal Court while their friends were being jailed by the same court. They opposed any role for the National Crime Agency, an organisation which is charged with investigating child abuse rings, drug smugglers and fuel launderers. It will come as no surprise therefore that their manifesto contains not a single initiative aimed at reducing crime or increasing public safety.

“Drug dealing, joy-riding and other anti-social behaviour plague communities across the North and the SDLP manifesto contains three pages of initiatives aimed at making people and communities feel safer.

“Sinn Fein’s two and a half page long manifesto shows that they cannot be serious about bringing any concrete proposals to the electorate or dealing with any of the problems we face as a society. Their focus is delivering a coronation for Martin McGuinness and delivering five more years of stagnancy.

“A vote for the SDLP will protect people from crime, including the elderly, and ensure safer communities across the North”

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