News | McCrossan: Huge concern over roads budget

McCrossan: Huge concern over roads budget

SDLP Infrastructure Spokesperson and West Tyrone MLA Daniel McCrossan said he is hugely concerned at the revelations surrounding NI roads maintenance budget and calls on political parties to forge agreement.

He said:

“I am hugely concerned to learn that this critical funding for our roads is at risk.

“The maintenance of our roads is vital, it is not something we can ignore. There needs to be resources available, it is matter of public safety.

"Our roads maintenance has already experienced disinvestment. But this will now be compounded by no maintenance activity for five months.

“It is incredibly frustrating that almost daily we are hearing about the strain on public services while there is no Executive in place. It’s simply not good enough. Again, we have to ask ourselves where does the buck stop? People's daily lives are now being severely impacted.

“With reports today including concerns from construction suppliers that the lack of funding could lead to hundreds of job losses, alarm bells should be ringing for political leaders to step in and step up.

“As budget holes deepen, we are faced with the dangerous and unacceptable reality that our public services and people here are paying the price for a political failure.

“The SDLP has been consistent in our view that we believe a deal can be done if the political will exists to get one done."

Daniel McCrossan MLA

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