News | Eastwood: Time for A Honest Conversation on a New Inclusive Ireland

Eastwood: Time for A Honest Conversation on a New Inclusive Ireland

SDLP Leader Colum Eastwood has said that the SDLP is committed to delivering a new inclusive Ireland but recognises that there remains a body of work to be done to persuade unionism. Mr Eastwood said Theresa May’s comments reflect the changing constitutional landscape facing these islands in the wake of Brexit – and encouraged Nationalism to rise to the challenge respectfully and honestly.

Eastwood said:


“It is vitally important for those of us who are committed to a new and reconciled Ireland, advance that position with open arms and an open mind of what an inclusive Ireland would look like. With all the uncertainty that comes with Brexit, now is not the time to sensationalise unity or obsess over border polls.


“The SDLP remain committed to the principle of consent, and with changing demographics and wavering political tides, we recognise the task at hand in reaching out to unionism on this very issue. However, if that last two years have taught us anything, we cannot and should not take any political eventuality for granted.


“In light of Mrs May’s comments, I would encourage all segments of Nationalism to engage in open and honest conversations with each other and with unionism to ensure when that day comes, it is not a day of celebration for one half of the community and a day of remorse for the other, but rather a step towards reconciliation together, where all communities feel at home in a new inclusive Ireland.



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