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Hanna: Remain can no longer be ruled out

SDLP Brexit Spokesperson Claire Hanna MLA has welcomed the announcement that Labour is preparing to vote down any withdrawal agreement put forward by Theresa May that does not meet the aims the government has set out or the needs of people here. Ms Hanna said that is was clear from the Labour conference that remaining within the EU is still well within the realms of possibility.

Speaking from the conference in Liverpool, Ms Hanna commented:


“Calls from the Labour Party front bencher Keir Starmer for a ‘public vote’ to break the impasse over Brexit at Westminster is to be welcomed, and comes of the back of campaigning and lobbying. The shift in opinion over recent months, once people have realised the harm Brexit has caused and the fact that it isn’t a done deal, has been palpable”


“It is no secret that Northern Ireland is set to be worst affected by either ‘no deal’ or a ‘blind brexit’ as a result of the Prime Minister’s failure to negotiate a good deal. The fact is that there is no type of Brexit that improves the lives of people here.


“The SDLP have been consistent in our message that Northern Ireland cannot leave the Customs Union or Single Market without inflicting long term social, economic and political wounds, and that even the ‘Backstop’ is worse than our current arrangements in both economic and political terms.


“We will campaign any move to mitigate or all together prevent this, and those interested in protecting the interests of all communities here should do the same. The “will of the people” didn’t stop on 23 June 2016, and those who voted to Leave then will still be perfectly entitled to do so but everyone should have the opportunity to reconsider a Brexit that will be radically worse and more problematic than Leave supporting politicians leade people to believe.”

Claire Hanna MLA

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