News | SDLP Condemns West Belfast Murder

SDLP Condemns West Belfast Murder

Speaking after a shooting in West Belfast, where police have confirmed a man has been shot dead, the SDLP have condemned those responsible.

Cllr Attwood speaking from the scene said:

"This community is united here in shock and anger. A young man believed to be in his twenties tonight has lost his life. I completely condemn those responsible.

"While the exact circumstances of what happened here this evening are unknown, what we must always be sure of, is that murder is wrong. Those who think they can take the lives of others into their own hands are wrong. Leaving a family and a community paralysed with fear that this could happen on their doorstep is wrong."

Cllr Brian Heading also added:


“The entire community in West Belfast is in shock this evening. These are scenes that we thought we had left far behind us.


“Those responsible for this monstrous criminal act must be caught and they must be brought to justice. There is no room in this city or in this society for those intent on murder and mayhem and who will commit the most heinous crimes.


“I’m calling on anyone with information to please come forward to police. These thugs cannot be allowed to bully this strong community into silence. They cannot dominate us, we cannot let them.”


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