News | Eastwood calls on parties to restore devolution to deliver fair pay deal

Eastwood calls on parties to restore devolution to deliver fair pay deal

SDLP Leader Colum Eastwood MLA has called on parties to show courage, set aside their differences and restore power sharing to deliver a fair pay deal for those who have worked tirelessly to keep our health service running. He said that restoring pay parity for health service staff must be a political priority. The SDLP previously voted against budgets which breached parity.

He said:

“Our health service staff are at breaking point, they are telling us that the conditions they’re forced to work in are inadequate and unsafe for patients. At what point do we stop nodding our heads in agreement and start acting to deliver the radical programme for change that they need?

“The only thing keeping our health service running in the absence of adequate resources and in the absence of strategic political direction is the immense burden that health service staff have taken upon themselves to make it work. There isn’t a family across the North that hasn’t experienced first hand how our nurses and other front line staff go far beyond their basic duties for every patient, working themselves to the point of exhaustion to deliver the best standard of care.

“The SDLP will support pay parity for our nurses. We voted against budgets that breached this principle and argued that successive Executive budgets were insufficient. Parties need to put their own interests aside and deliver for our health service. This is a time for leadership.”

Colum Eastwood MP

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