News | Eastwood: No apology can save Karen Bradley

Eastwood: No apology can save Karen Bradley

SDLP Leader Colum Eastwood has made it clear that no apology will ever be good enough to make up for the hurt caused by the Secretary of State’s insensitive and ignorant remarks.

After speaking to Karen Bradley, Mr Eastwood commented:


“I have made it very clear to Karen Bradley that she must tender her resignation. Her remarks have struck a blow to the confidence of people here who rely on her to be an honest broker for Northern Ireland. Her interference with due process just days before the Bloody Sunday families await news of potential prosecutions is reprehensible.


“No lukewarm words can ever undo the hurt caused to families who lost loved ones at the hands of state violence. Theresa May would do well to remind her cabinet that they are not spokespeople for the DUP.


“This is a pivotal moment for legacy and no party should be found wanting in their opposition to the Secretary of State stepping down.”

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