News | Eastwood welcomes longer Brexit extension

Eastwood welcomes longer Brexit extension

SDLP Leader Colum Eastwood MLA welcomed the ‘flextension’ to Brexit proposed by European Council President Donald Tusk and agreed by EU Leaders last night.

The Foyle MLA again called on the British Government to take unilateral action and begin the process of revoking Article 50 to end the cycle of lurching from crisis to crisis.

He said:

“Once again, the European Union is demonstrating supportive flexibility in their negotiations with the British Government. Despite the extreme hostility directed at EU negotiators from the DUP/ERG axis, Europe remains committed to finding a solution, and creating space for a solution, that avoids a hard Border on this island.

“In spite of the fresh talks between the Labour Party and the British Government, a short extension was less and less a credible path to resolving the challenges that remain. The only way forward is a longer extension that removes the meaningless cliff-edge moments and pointless debates over process and instead creates space for a fundamental reflection on where we are.

“The British Government now has six months to secure support for the backstop at Westminster. If they are unable to do so, the only acceptable way forward that protects business, communities and people on this island is a revocation of Article 50 and an end to Brexit.

“This chaos makes the return of government in Northern Ireland all the more important. The DUP has set its face against the will of people and businesses here for five minutes of influence at Westminster. They cannot be allowed to act as the sole voice for Northern Ireland in the six months ahead.”

Colum Eastwood MLA

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