News | Kelly: Needs of victims and survivors must be met

Kelly: Needs of victims and survivors must be met

SDLP Legacy Spokesperson Dolores Kelly MLA has said that proposal for a pension for victims and survivors should be taken forward.

The Upper Bann MLA said that victims and survivors continue to be let down by the political stalemate.

She said:

“All parties are agreed on the need for financial support for victims and survivors. The principle of a pension for those who were severely injured or bereaved as a result of forty years of conflict is beyond debate now.

“Over the last two days alone we have seen the continued abdication of the responsibility for the needs of the most vulnerable here. It is a matter of profound regret that we are passively surrendering power to Westminster to meet the basic needs of those we should be representing. 

“I have met with the Victims Commissioner and continue to meet with victims and their representative organisations. There is a growing responsibility on all parties to deal with the legacy of our past comprehensively and ethically. Providing support for those who have lost so much is a necessary first step.”

Dolores Kelly MLA

028 38322140

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