News | McCrossan: Dissatisfaction with British Government growing by the day

McCrossan: Dissatisfaction with British Government growing by the day

SDLP Brexit Spokesperson Daniel McCrossan has said that opposition to Brexit from the people of Northern Ireland is resolute. The overwhelming dissatisfaction with how the British Government have handled Brexit, assisted by the DUP, is growing by the day.

The MLA for West Tyrone commented:


“The statistics published by Ipsos MRBI are a damning indictment of the British Government, supported by the DUP, on their handling of Brexit.


“Brexit is a national crisis. Yet the British Government have treated it like a topic being debated by a university debating club.


“Our position was very clear, very early- a ‘special status’ for Northern Ireland could have resolved this issue over two years ago. But London have failed to understand, or else simply ignored, the rights of citizens here.


“As it stands, the DUP are merely serving their own egos. Brexit is more important than a flag waving exercise. The DUP need to get real with what is at stake here.


“The SDLP have called for the Backstop to be banked. People here did not vote to leave the EU, therefore allowing Northern Ireland to stay within the Customs Union and Single Market- regulations that would prevent a hard border and uphold the integrity of our peace accord- is not a big ask.

"This continued undermining of the democratic will of people here is going to run out of road very, very soon.”

Daniel McCrossan MLA

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