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Byrne: Roads contractors facing uncertainty

SDLP West Tyrone MLA Joe Byrne has said many contractors and subcontractors across Tyrone and Fermanagh are on the verge of laying off road workers due to the Department for Regional Development’s (DRD) practice of funding roads maintenance through unpredictable monitoring rounds money and not the department’s budget.
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Attwood: London inquiry must have powers to compel Kincora evidence

SDLP OFMDFM spokesperson Alex Attwood said the Westminster inquiry into historical sexual abuse must include Kincora House and have the powers to compel all evidence.
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Kelly raises fears after removal of safety barriers

SDLP councillor Patsy Kelly has raised fears someone will be seriously injured after a number of safety barriers were removed from a busy junction in Strabane.
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Ramsey deeply concerned by University cuts

SDLP Employment and Learning spokesperson Pat Ramsey MLA has said that he is deeply concerned by news of an immediate £3 million cut to the University of Ulster budget.
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Kelly: Victims must not be abandoned after HET closure

SDLP Upper Bann MLA Dolores Kelly says news that the Historical Enquiries Team is to close gives greater impetus to the proposed talks of the need to deliver truth and justice to victims and victims’ groups.
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