Press Releases | Dobbins: Dog Fouling in Culmore not Acceptable

Dobbins: Dog Fouling in Culmore not Acceptable

SDLP Cllr Angela Dobbins has spoken of her frustration in a noticeable increase in rubbish dumping and dog fouling throughout the newly opened Culmore Country Park.

The Ballyarentt Councillor said:

“Since its official opening last year the numbers of visitors and local residents have steadily increased proving the park to be a popular area for families, cyclists, joggers and dog walkers. 

However I am saddened and disappointed that the dumping of rubbish and the citywide problem of dog fouling includes our Country Park.

"This is not acceptable, those who discard their rubbish or do not pick up after they allow their pets to foul have no care or consideration for the health and safety of the community.

"Having spoken to the council cleansing department and the council dog wardens they are clear that they will take action. There are adequate litter bins and dog bins throughout the park, I urge all dog owners to use them. It's vitally important that while enjoying the park amenities that everyone is respectful of the shared space. Those who are not, could face a significant fine or potentially the issue could end up in court."

Cllr Angela Dobbins

07709 147751

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