Press Releases | McCusker tables motion calling for suicide prevention signage

McCusker tables motion calling for suicide prevention signage

SDLP North Belfast Councillor, and chair of charity PIPS, Paul McCusker has tabled a proposal at Belfast City Council’s People and Communities Committee to erect new signage at Cavehill with contact details for suicide prevention charities.

Cllr McCusker said:


“Unfortunately places like Cavehill in North Belfast are becoming areas that those experiencing depression or suicidal thoughts turn to in very dark and difficult times.


“Following the tragic deaths of Dean McIlwaine last year and Michael Cullen this year, it’s important that we all do whatever we can to prevent further tragedy falling on families in this city.


“One small way of offering support to those in acute need would be to erect signs throughout Cavehill offering hope and practical support for those in distress. The contact numbers of organisations working tirelessly to support those with mental health issues should be signposted in the area. If it saves even one life, it’ll be worth the effort.


“More people die each year from suicide than on our roads here. This is an issue that we can, and must, do more on.


“The SDLP will continue to do all we can to offer support to those in need.”

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