Press Releases | McKeever: Calls for action on potholes

McKeever: Calls for action on potholes

SDLP Derry and Strabane District Area Councillor Jim Mc Keever praised the Department for Infrastructure (DFI) for getting local drivers out of a hole after he welcomed the work carried out by DFI staff in addressing the numerous potholes within the Tamnaherin Road area.

Cllr Mc Keever said:

“A major carriageway defect on the Edenreagh Road which initially began as a direct result of the flooding last year was eventually repaired and made safe last week.

“A 1,200 metre stretch of the Tamnaherin Road around the junction with the Tirbracken Road is being resurfaced this week and whilst the repair work is creating some local disruption, it is necessary to solve the major surface issue that has been getting progressively worse since the beginning of this year.

“The pothole issue has been so bad in this area recently that I have been contacted directly by nine people seeking advice with claiming for damage to their vehicles.

"I am pleased that my communication to the Department for several months has paid off. I have constantly told the Department that it is my belief that repairing these potholes would be much cheaper initially than the costs of claims for damage and then eventually still having to fix the potholes as well.

“However, the pothole problem across the council area still needs urgent action. The SDLP continues to press for action and anyone in need of assistance can get in touch with their local SDLP representative directly."

Councillor Jim McKeever

07812 203362

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