Press Releases | Reilly welcomes progress on crematorium plans

Reilly welcomes progress on crematorium plans

SDLP Group Leader on Derry and Strabane District Council Martin Reilly has welcomed progress on the plans for a crematorium serving the northwest of the island.

Speaking ahead of Wednesday’s Council meeting which will discuss the issue, Councillor Reilly said,

“This proposal for a crematorium in the northwest has been a long time in the planning and I welcome this paper to be presented to our Environment and Regeneration Committee this coming Wednesday.

“Working alongside other Councils in the northwest, we aim to deliver a crematorium which will answer a demand from local families who currently have to travel to Belfast or Cavan to cremate those who have wished to have their funeral this way. The current situation where grieving families have to travel long distances, sometimes in poor inclement weather, lacks compassion and I’m glad to see officers from a number of Councils have reached the stage where a Strategic Outline Case can be commenced.

“If approved on Wednesday, this proposal takes a step further and could alleviate the pressure on our Council’s cityside graveyard where space is limited. I recognise that attitudes towards cremation has changed over time and I hope that the planned discussions with other Councils can proceed and bring this regional facility into operation as soon as possible.”

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