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Hanna: DUP are dangerously inconsistent on paramilitaries

SDLP South Belfast MLA Claire Hanna has called on the DUP to show consistency in its approach to dealing with groups linked to paramilitaries. A DUP spokesman stated last night that they would continue to work with the UPRG the political wing of the UDA. South Belfast UPRG representative Jackie McDonald stated yesterday that the UDA still exists and has no plans to dissolve.
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Cusack: Stay financially vigilant on holiday

SDLP Derry Councillor Shauna Cusack has advised travellers to use the same vigilance when purchasing goods on holiday as you would at home. As the peak holiday period begins Cllr Cusack has warned about tourists being charged twice for services, only discovering the scam when they return home.
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Dobbins supports Redshirts fundraising

SDLP Derry Councillor Angela Dobbins has praised local youth worker Marty McGrenaghan and the Redshirts team for their tremendous effort to raise essential funding for the Active Youth Citizenship Programme. The Shantallow based group gives local young people the opportunity to gain new skills and contribute to their communities.
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Dobbins welcomes swift action from TransportNI

SDLP Cllr Angela Dobbins has welcomed the swift action of Transport NI to address the issue of long grass obscuring vision at the Arden/Ballynagard Junction. Councillor Dobbins called on Transport NI to address the issue after she was first on the scene following an accident in the area.
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Cusack: Drinkers force night-time closure of Baldrick Crescent steps

SDLP Derry Councillor Shauna Cusack has confirmed that the newly renovated steps at Baldrick Crescent which link the Cregganburn walkways to Rosemount will now be locked in the evenings due to health and safety and anti-social behaviour concerns.
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