Press Releases | Catney joins SDLP talks team with Irish Government

Catney joins SDLP talks team with Irish Government

Newly elected Lagan Valley MLA Pat Catney has joined the SDLP talks team for bi-lateral discussions with the Minister for Foreign Affairs and the Irish Government.

Mr Catney welcomed the dialogue aimed at securing a power sharing Executive as soon as possible.


He said:

“Restoring government is the SDLP’s first priority in the days and weeks ahead. Only a functioning power sharing government can deliver on the issues important to people in our community – health, housing, education and creating new jobs.

“I will play whatever part I can to ensure that we deliver for the people who provided us with this mandate. Today’s meeting with the Irish government was a positive and productive engagement aimed at securing the future of devolution. I was delighted to be asked by Colum Eastwood to attend the meeting. 

“This is a time for all parties to put their shoulders to the wheel to get a government. But it must be a different type of government than we’ve seen over the last nine months. I am acutely aware that my election was a cross community victory. I will be working very hard over the coming weeks to repay the trust placed in me.”

Pat Catney MLA

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