Press Releases | Wilson: Community Pharmacies not sufficiently supported by the Department

Wilson: Community Pharmacies not sufficiently supported by the Department

SDLP North Belfast Representative Heather Wilson has called on the HSBC to properly fund community pharmacies to ensure that practices such as blister pack medication can be provided across all pharmacies in Northern Ireland as opposed to only those who have the time and resource to implement it. Ms Wilson added, “the use of blister pack medicine, whilst time consuming, is a vital tool for many patients with complex medical conditions, helping them alleviate that little bit of stress that comes with having a complex illness.”

Ms Wilson commented:


“This week, the Acting Chief Pharmaceutical Officer confirmed that blister pack medication is a service not commissioned by the HSCB, but rather is left to the discretion of community pharmacies, who we know are already struggling with minimal resources and minimal finances.


“Blister pack medication is a vital tool, helping patients to take the correct dosage at the correct time. It is a life-saving means for patients with early on-set dementia and their carers- many of whom are already under extreme pressure.


“The cost of blister pack medication isn’t massive, but the potential cost of not providing it could be fatal. These pressures and the withdrawal of these services are a direct result of government cuts and a failure to adequately resource community pharmacies who want to provide this critical facility for everyone who needs it. The situation has obviously been compounded by the absence of a Health Minister to provide strategic direction to the Department and take decisions in the interests of vulnerable people in our communities.”

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