News | McCrossan: Alternative arrangements fantasy needs to stop

McCrossan: Alternative arrangements fantasy needs to stop

SDLP Brexit Spokesperson Daniel McCrossan MLA has responded to alternative arrangements proposals backed by Tory MPs Nicky Morgan and Greg Hands, saying that fantasy frameworks and technologies must be stopped by cold reality.

He said:


“Another week brings another report backed by another Tory MP with fantasy frameworks or technology that can solve the customs and regulatory challenges at the border. In fairness to the authors of today’s report, they at least acknowledge that their proposals are unnegotiable.


“The suggestion that the EU will accept equivalence with UK SPS arrangements, for example, or that the Irish Government would dilute its position within the EU single market by agreeing to it, is pure fantasy. Facilitating checks away from the border also fails to achieve the objective of avoiding infrastructure, as agreed in the December Joint report.


“This report, like many before it and doubtless many to come, is predicated on the notion that other parties should set aside their own interests to serve the singular interest of facilitating Brexit. Conservative MPs, and the next cabinet, need to understand that the EU and the Irish Government will not forego our interests. And we will not stand by as people, communities and local economies here are sacrificed.”

Daniel McCrossan MLA

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