Press Releases | SDLP condemns DUP councillor 'local homes' leaflet

SDLP condemns DUP councillor 'local homes' leaflet

SDLP Botanic Representative Gary McKeown has condemned a leaflet produced in the name of DUP Councillor Graham Craig which called for “local homes for local people.”

Gary McKeown said:

“The content of this leaflet was so shocking that at first I thought it was a hoax, but now it appears to be genuine. This harks back to a time when housing was allocated at the whim of politicians, and the fact that the line in the leaflet about ‘local homes’ is directly followed by a commitment to focus on ‘taking back control of immigration’ will send a chill down the spine of many people.

“Housing should be provided based solely on need. Public representatives have a duty to serve all of their constituents regardless of whether they are ‘local’.

“The Botanic area has one of the most diverse, integrated and progressive communities on this island, so it is essential that we condemn anything that could undermine this or make people feel unwelcome in the strongest possible terms.”

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